What We Do


EPF facilitates dialogue surrounding economic policy challenges of emerging economies among think tanks. EPF is results-oriented, taking an integrated approach to promoting better-informed policy making, which includes:



    • Providing a space to identify common economic policy challenges;
    • Organising dialogue events and study tours;
    • Supporting joint publications of the results of these dialogues and disseminating them;
    • Establishing and strengthening networks, including among think tanks from emerging economies and with think tanks from developed countries, such as Germany;
    • Providing capacity development measures for participating think tanks, especially through exchange and learning on evidence-based research;
    • Drawing experiences on the genesis and implementation of policy recommendations from selected live case studies of emerging economies;
    • Jointly analysing lessons from policy advisory programmes in various countries;
    • Identifying joint funding opportunities; and
    • Supporting to feed findings and policy recommendations into policy processes of emerging economies.