Who We Are

workshop-member-epf-3The Economic Policy Forum – Emerging Economies Think Tank Alliance for High Quality Growth (EPF) is a growing global network of the world’s leading political economy think tanks from emerging and industrial economies out of the G20, such as BRICS, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries. Its strategy and policy papers are produced for governments and national policy-makers to inform top-end national and international policy processes, as for example the BRICS Academic Forum, the official track-II coordinators of the annual BRICS summit. It also works on specific socio-economic themes for the G20, and feeds its policy proposals and research findings into the COP21 and Munich Security Conference. Its goal is to shape domestic and global economic policies with informed, evidence-based policy recommendations.

In supporting to feed research findings into domestic and international reform processes, EPF seeks to contribute to better-informed policy making, in emerging economies and globally. In addition, EPF aims at strengthening the capacity of think tanks to better shape policy making processes.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, the German agency for international cooperation, has initiated EPF and coordinates it in a secretarial role.