workshop-member-epf-6The global community is faced with a number of pressing economic policy challenges, in particular those related to the quality of growth and the stability of the world economy. Emerging economies are at the very core of those challenges: not only do their economic development trajectories have major global implications, but global challenges and related international regimes also have an impact on emerging economies’ domestic policy choices.

Despite obvious differences in underlying conditions, the specific economic policy challenges emerging economies face are often similar: there is much scope for exchange, knowledge sharing, and joint learning. In addition, experiences of developed nations, such as Germany’s model of a social and ecological market economy, can provide some useful insights.

Think tanks in emerging economies play an increasingly important role in shaping the economic policy choices of their respective governments. Promoting exchange and cooperation among think tanks from emerging economies and with those of developed economies can hence directly contribute to tackling some of the world’s most pressing economic challenges.

The Economic Policy Forum – Emerging Economies Think Tank Alliance for High Quality Growth (EPF) was set up to better realise this still largely untapped potential to improve the quality of growth, in emerging economies and globally.